Snorkeling in Key largo

Posted by M&A on May 7, 2017

Another place we visited was Key Largo a getaway to Florida Keys.

One of the main attractions there is John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park. It was one of the first underwater parks in the States. These days top thing to do there is snorkeling and scuba-diving over the coral reef. We’ve decided to try snorkeling - I mean, half of us, as one of the requirements is to be a comfortable swimmer and Agata didn’t feel like she is one. But, to be honest, there were plenty of first timers that were using inflated safety vests and weren’t really snorkeling but floating in the water. So the next time we see this kind of warning, we will ignore. The coral reef is a few kilometers off the shore, so we had to get there by a boat.

This was the first time we really saw the benefits of having water resistance GoPro. As there’s not so much light underwater I thought that setting higher ISO will make the photos looks better, but I might have over set it. Will need to experiment a bit more next time.

Agata instead snorkeling went for a glass-bottom boat trip:

On the way back there was some traffic as people were coming back from the weekend. As we had to do some shopping we went to Wallmart (also we wanted to check what’s all the fuss about it). It is really not that different from any mega stores anywhere in Europe, so meh.

In the evening we were chilling out at the apartment, taking advantage of the swimming pool and the great weather, as it’s our last night in this great place.