Dali Museum

Posted by M&A on May 5, 2017

Today was our last day in Clearwater. We’ve charged our batteries, so were ready to head out south. When we were leaving the apartment we noticed quite unusual thing, neighbours were de-bugging the house:

Before hitting the highway we wanted to check 2 places. First was Sawgrass Lake Park where we managed to see an alligator:

We didn’t molest it ;-)

The second place to visit was planed at the last minute and it was The Dali Museum in St. Petersburg.

The museum was opened in 2012, and it has one of the biggest, private collection of Dali’s paintings, drawings, sculptures etc. The audio guide was included in the ticket but we were also lucky to take part in a guided tour. We didn’t know much about Dali before the tour so the facts about his life and his art really blown us away. The gentlemen who guided the tour was extremely knowledgeable and the information he shared with us about the hidden meanings in the paintings was really astonishing. Dali was a genius, and as he was’t modest at all, he wanted to let everyone know about it ;-) As we only knew his greatest works there were many in the museum that we discovered and liked a lot:

The Hallucinogenic Toreador

Gala Contemplating the Mediterranean Sea which at Twenty Meters Becomes the Portrait of Abraham Lincoln

Velasquez Painting the Infanta Marguerita with the Lights and Shadows of His Own Glory

Since Dali started his career quite early and was working almost until death you can see how his style was changing. Many of his works is based on what was happening in the world and to get good understanding of the work, you should know a year of its creation.

Another treat in the museum was a VR (virtual reality) experience, which was a trip into one of Dali’s paintings. That was so cool that now we’re considering buying a VR head set :D

After the museum we set our GPS on the next accommodation and off we went - 5h long car trip. In the car Agata conceived her first idea for a film - it’s going to be a hit gay romance :-)

Around 8pm we got to the next stop on our journey. Usually we are not very picky about the accommodation, but we like to go to those with reviews. This one had good pictures but no reviews. But after all it was worth the risk! We are now in an Italian-style villa which looks like from a movie :D It has a swimming pool, jacuzzi, tennis court and the interiors are stunning.