24 hours in Key West

Posted by M&A on May 8, 2017

We started day pretty early just to have time for a breakfast and to pack our things before our next long trip - this time to the Southeast part of the USA - Key West.

As we booked the accommodation there very last minute, the only place in our price range was a hostel. Key West is a very popular destination in Florida and due to that it is also very expensive. Basically majority of places were already taken and the leftovers were very pricy. That is why we decided to just rent 2 single beds in shared dorm for this one night.

The journey took us approximately 3 hours and we drove 220km. The road down there is pretty specular - especially at the bridges when you see the sea on both sids of the road.

Key West was a love from the first sight for us! The town is beautiful - very clean, with loads of tropical nature and with wooden houses, painted mostly in bright colors. Not as crowed as we expected and with a very laid back vibe.

When we arrived to our hostel we had another positive surprise - this place was great! Had few swimming pools, was very clean and specious. The room was only for 4 people, had pretty big lockers where we could keep our staff, separate bathroom and the breakfast was included in the price.

After checking in we went for a walk to see the town and make sure that the rest is as cool as what we’ve seen so far.

We had some discount coupons we went for few drinks to HardRock Caffe :-)

After getting slightly drunk we completed our very nice stroll and came back to the hotel to relax and sunbath on the pool.

Key West is famous form it’s sunsets. It is like an every day celebration when people gather on the main square to admire this beautiful part of a day. The view was really memorable!

After it got darker people went to have dinners, drinks and to start parting. One of the unique things about the city is that many pubs have live music shows. Additionally on the streets we have seen many performers, that were doing strange things. Top of the list was a guy who somehow has trained cats to do what he says. Of course it’s not always worked out as cats are cats, but he managed to show off some tricks.

The highlight of the evening though and another unforgettable memory was a place where a DragQueen was giving a show. We had so much fun and one another thing off form our bucket list - putting a dollar bill in someones bra :D