Tokyo - Shopping

Posted by M&A on November 2, 2015

It was pouring rain in Tokyo so we decided to do some shopping. Firs of we started with recommended Tokyo-Hands, and then went to Laox store at Akihabara. Laox is a tax-free shop, it works more or less the same way as a duty free shops at the airports. With a small difference that you need to spent a given amount of money to have your items without tax. You need to show your passport, then they pack all the things you purchased into a bag, seal it so you can’t unpack them until you leave Japan.

We also popped into some small otaku shops and admire Japanese manga art.

After it stopped raining we took a stroll to Ueno Park. It is a home of a number of major museums, temples and ZOO. Ueno Park apparently looks beautiful in spring, during the sakura season, as there are more then 1000 cherry trees there.

In the eventing we went for a dinner with the friends of one of our friend. We met at Shimbashi Station which is a very busy and lively district with lots of pubs, bars and restaurants.

They took us to a yakitori place that was absolutely delicious, and so far our fav. We really had a good time, and learnt a few things about life in Tokyo. Both of girls we met leave outside Tokyo and they told us that more than 90% of the companies cover the cost of commuting. The average size of apartment in Tokyo is about 20 square meters costs approximately 85000yen per month. And a graduate can earn around 200000yen.

Also they showed us how to fold an origami crane :-)