Kanazawa - day one

Posted by M&A on October 29, 2015

Third of the day today we spent in the train. It was our longest trip so far in Japan, but it went by quickly. From Hiroshima to Kanazawa is about 600km. We had our train at 08:06 and got to Kanazawa at 12:56.

Kanazawa is the capital of Ishikawa Prefecture, on Japan’s central Honshu. In our guide, the city was described as an array of cultural attractions, so we were really surprised how modern and developed the city is. It is another Japanese city that looks like a perfect place to live in. Moderate size, with population of almost 0.5 million and has it all - business area, trendy shopping centre, lots of greenery, river banks, beautiful gardens, castle and traditional samurai and geisha districts.

Our hotel is in the centre, with only 17min from the train station and less than 10min from main attractions. We had a stroll around and enjoyed fresh air and amazing colours of autumn. The weather turned its back on us, and it was colder and rainy. Based on the forecast it’s going to stay like that for the next few days.